Architectural Lighting Design Services

We love light, and it shows. Our award-winning lighting designs can be found across almost all disciplines, from our main focus in retail and hospitality lighting, to restaurant and grocery markets, to houses of worship and commercial interiors. Regardless of the individual discipline, our goal is the same: to make architecture shine in the best light possible.


Basic Lighting Design Services

  • Design Concepts, Schematic Designs, Lighting Design Development
  • Lighting Layouts (reflected ceiling lighting plans, millwork/wall & ground lighting plans, exterior lighting elevations)
  • Character Sketches and Renderings
  • Lighting Fixture Schedules (CAD, PDF, and other)
  • Lighting Specifications (Presentation quality Booklets, custom decorative and bespoke specifications)
  • Detail Drawings, Millwork Lighting Design, Architectural Lighting Integration

Premium Lighting Design Services

  • Models, Renderings, Sketches, Mockups, Samples, and more
  • Photometric Studies and Footcandle Analysis
  • Lighting Control System Design, Multimedia Integration, Programming and Dimming System Design
  • Site Surveys, Lighting Audits, Maintenance Studies, Aiming and Focusing


Retail Lighting Design

Our team has completed more than 500 projects on 5 continents, lighting everything from multi-level department stores to big box retail shops, from national rollouts to one-of-a-kind boutiques.

Restaurant & Hospitality

Our award-winning lighting designs can been seen in bars and restaurants worldwide.

Lighting for Luxury Items

We’ve designed lighting around just about every type of luxury good you could imagine — from Chanel handbags and Rolex watches to the world’s largest pear shaped diamond, whiched weighed in at an astounding 231 carats.

Residential Lighting

We’ve been trusted to light the homes of super-models and celebrities, but we’re happy to consult for the average Joe as well. We particularly enjoy designing the lighting for the homes of architects.

Corporate Interiors

Got an office or commercial space in need of better lighting? We enjoy using the power of light to make professional spaces more functional, creative and comfortable to work in.

Specialty Lighting

We love specialty lighting requirements. Unusual lighting demands allow us to push the limits of our craft. If you’ve got an oddball lighting design requirement, please let us know, we’d be glad to take a look!