Tiffany & Co. Lighting Design – Incheon


Additional Lighting Design Photos

img_7680 Tiffany’s South Korean flagship in Incheon utilized their signature “blue box” branding as a concept for the storefront design, which features a vitrine surrounded on all sides with radiant blue light in fading to a clear display. The interior features custom glass chandeliers, in case LED lighting, and grazing of wheat-leaf patterned metal.

img_7607 img_7596

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Dior – Facade Lighting – New York, NY


Additional Lighting Design Photos

Dior - 57th Street LED Facade Lighting with Optical Illusion Cannage Pattern Christian Dior’s new facade lighting on 57th Street in New York City glows like a luminous jewel. The innovative LED lighting solution is not only breathtaking, but energy-saving, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free. Dior enlisted our help to ensure that their facade would absolutely dazzle passing shoppers with an optical illusion effect created by the careful backlighting their signature cannage pattern.

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SD26 – Restaurant Lighting Design


Additional Lighting Design Photos

20090917_sd26_11_560x373 SD26 features a variety of diversely lit restaurant environments: a moody lounge; a sexy, glowing bar; and a vast, airy dining room. The bar face is edge-lit with LEDs, and the the glass bar-back shelving is grazed to highlight the all three shelves of liquors. The dining room features an expansive and eye-catching star ceiling with twinkling crystal points of fiber optic light. The floating ceiling is interrupted by three structural columns that are each highlighted with Barrisol-wrapped circular fluorescent light coves. Banquettes in the lounge conceal a soft system of up-lighting that gives texture and depth to woven wall art created by Shiela Hick’s. A wine cellar is lit with warm halogen lights, and the brightly lit open kitchen help makes the work of the chefs the star attraction.

20090917_sd26_5_560x373 pompeiamroom

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Rock & Republic – Fine Apparel Retail Lighting


Additional Lighting Design Photos

Rock & Republic ceiling lighting design with RGB cove lighting from Philips Rock & Republic’s new flagship location on Robertson in Los Angeles embodies the evolution of the the hip, high-end denim brand. Color-changing LED lighting interacts with pumping bass from the store’s live DJ booth while video walls and high-tech LED elements help generate the sexy and edgy vibe that R&R is well-known for. Intelligent DMX-controlled cove lighting encircles the central rotunda lounge and wraps around the stores central runway, used for fashion shoots and special events. Rounded edges, circular light troughs and chromed accents help to create a vibrant, modern space that is exciting to shop and experience.

Rock & Republic lounge lighting design LED with color changing LEDs Rock & Republic store window lighting design

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Levi’s – Clothing Retailer Lighting – NY Flagship


Additional Lighting Design Photos

Cashwrap Decorative and functional Lighting design Levi’s new lighting design concept featured a versatile and discreet metal halide track system to accent perimeter and floor fixture displays, along with a variety of signature industrial and vintage decorative lights.
The client wanted to ensure maximum lighting flexibility along with the ability to provide dramatic, focused lighting on individual retail displays. The result: a high-contrast, visually impactful environment where lighting enhanced the interior design and brought merchandising into primary focus.

Freestanding Mannequin Platform Lighting Key Focal Display Lighting

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