SD26 – Restaurant Lighting Design

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SD26 features a variety of diversely lit restaurant environments: a moody lounge; a sexy, glowing bar; and a vast, airy dining room. The bar face is edge-lit with LEDs, and the the glass bar-back shelving is grazed to highlight the all three shelves of liquors. The dining room features an expansive and eye-catching star ceiling with twinkling crystal points of fiber optic light. The floating ceiling is interrupted by three structural columns that are each highlighted with Barrisol-wrapped circular fluorescent light coves. Banquettes in the lounge conceal a soft system of up-lighting that gives texture and depth to woven wall art created by Shiela Hick’s. A wine cellar is lit with warm halogen lights, and the brightly lit open kitchen help makes the work of the chefs the star attraction.

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